Machine-Wash Guide: Keep Your Jacket Fresh and Clean with These Easy and Effective Laundry Tips.

You must know that your single wrong step in washing a jacket can impair its quality and functionality. So, how can you give your jacket a good and safe clean?

How to give a good clean to you Jacket?
The only wear that keeps you warm and cozy is jacket if there is bitter cold out. You always hesitate to wash your luxury jacket as you cannot compromise on losing its quality and functionality. The jacket always gets dirt and stains when you wear them while being on duty or trip. Let’s explore few correct ways to wash your jacket.

Best time to give a good cleaning to your jacket

  • It is crucial to know the best time to wash your jacket. There are specific rules of washing a jacket as they are made up of material that will surely damage. However, the wise is one who always keeps priorities of retaining their warmness and stylish as it was at the time of purchase. Here are few tips when you clean you jacket in washing machine.
  • When you come back from Trip and duty: Your jacket needs a good clean, when you are back from you long trip and gipsy duty.
  • End of the season: Washing warm wears is the last activity at end of the season. You can wash your jacket when it is time put it back in your wardrobe.
  • When jacket exposed to dirt: It is obvious that you want to clean the jacket with dirt and stains on it.
  • Few tips before grooming your Jacket: You must treat your jacket well before you give it a wash. While washing it carelessly can make things quiet difficult. So, prep your jacket the ways mentioned below before loading to washing machine.
  • Read labels: You must read the tags and labels attached to you jackets as those have important instructions regarding material and washing process.
  • Pre-treat stains and Dirt: If you accidently spill tea or coffee on your jacket, it would be better treating it before loading into washing machine.
  • Take off all accessories from Jacket: It would be wise to remove the extra accessories before washing, such as any jewel, faux fur collar, belt etc., as they may get caught by the spinning washing machine.
  • Fasten and fold: It would be wise precaution to fastening all zips, pressing all studs into buttonholes, turn fleece and pocket inside-out and fastening drawstrings loosely in order to avoid any complex sticking of jacket while washing spin.
  • Do not gush out your jacket in hot water: Washing your jacket in extremely hot water can damage the material that work for keeping warm. For instance, synthetic fill of your jacket will break down in hot water.
  • Washable and un-washable Jackets: Some jackets have material that does not comply with machine-wash. However, it is incorrect way to load suede, leather and fur jackets in washing machine. Furthermore, you must wash nylon, fleece and down fill jackets in cold water on gentle cycle. If your work is bit gypsy then you should look for a waterproof jacket. It will be easy to wash it as its wearing is exposed to dirt elements. However, they will stay waterproof and dirt-resistant at the same time.
  • Cleaning Jacket in Washing Machine:
  • what is correct way of washing Jacket?
  • First thing first, treat your jacket knowing the difference between down jacket and synthetic fiber fill. It is pretty safe to clean them in washing machine. But several things should be kept in mind before washing. A jacket can be washed once or twice per season. Additionally, clean your part of your jacket where it has strains and dirt with mild liquid or soap instead of washing entire jacket. Besides, hang your jacket in the mild breeze as it helps to escape damp and smelly condition.
  • Wash jacket in washing Machine considering process below:
  • Wash separately: Jacket is type of wears that must be washed separately in washing machine in order to avoid the extravagant compress while spinning in washing machine.
  • Use correct detergent: Choose correct and appropriate detergent for your jackets considering its material. Therefore, take the best detergent that comply with your jacket material like synthetic fill, down fill products as the loft may not be impaired. It would be the best choice to used specific liquid detergent for jackets.
  • Loading and spinning: Remember, your jacket needs gentle and soft spins in washing machine. You can wash your jacket by setting the washing Machine on gentle cycle and use cold water for short time. The long duration of spinning jacket would be bad idea.
  • Second time washing to remove detergent: You can rinse your jacket after apposite rounds in washing machine in order to remove detergent without any wring tightly.
  • Dry process: It is wise decision to dry your jacket in tumble-dryer to avoid disfiguring it inner and outer shape. On the contrary, you can dry it in open air by laying it out flat on clothes and fluff it up several times a day. Do not leave your jacket in sunlight for too long as its color and stuff will become faded and mould.
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In conclusion

jackets are engineered to give warmth to your body. Therefore, they are purposefully made up of material that gives warmness and stylish look. Hence, you should avoid washing them often. Washing jacket correctly in washing machines will be helpful to retain them in good condition.

Choosing the Best Washing Machine: A Comprehensive Guide to Meet Your Needs with ElectroluxPK Recommendations.


Welcome to Electroluxpk.com, your trusted source for home appliances in Pakistan! Today, embark on a journey into the realm of laundry with our insightful Guide to Meet Your Needs with ElectroluxPK. Our focus is on the innovative offerings from Haier, ensuring you make an informed and satisfying choice for your home.

Understanding Your Laundry Requirements:

Before you choose When choosing a washing machine, it’s essential to consider the size of your laundry loads and the type of clothes you’ll be washing. Fabrics you pass, and how frequently you do laundry. Haier offers a range of capacities to suit small to large families, ensuring that there’s a model for you whether you’re tackling daily loads or weekly family-sized washes.

Size and Space Considerations:

Measure the space where you plan to place your washing machine. Haier’s automatic washers come in various sizes, fitting snugly in compact urban apartments or more spacious laundry rooms. Keep in mind the opening direction of the door and the machine’s dimensions for a hassle-free installation.

Efficiency and Water Consumption:

In Pakistan, where water conservation is essential, Haier’s automatic washing machines are engineered to be water-efficient without compromising cleaning performance. Look for models with higher efficiency ratings to Save your utility bills and contribute to a better environment by adopting energy-efficient habits. Greener planet.

Features and Functionality:

Haier washing machines have features designed to make laundry less of a chore. From basic models offering fundamental washing modes to advanced units with steam settings, delay starts, and customizable programs, Haier caters to every laundry need. Innovative features like anti-bacterial wash, inverter technology, and powerful spin cycles are just a few options.

Durability and Warranty:

Investing in a durable washing machine is crucial. Haier is known for its robust construction and reliable performance. Haier offers the 10 Year warranty on washing machines. Haier offers more extended warranties and accessible service centres that reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and ensure your peace of mind.

Price Consideration:

Set a budget before you start looking. Haier offers a wide range of options, like 8kg to 15kg, from more economical. Various types haier washing machines models and sizes available in the market. Investing in a slightly higher-priced model who have DD moter and sensor based with better energy efficiency and durability can save you money in the long run.

Making the Purchase:

When you’re ready to purchase, Electroluxpk.com is here to help. We offer a variety of Haier automatic washing machines at factory rates, each with detailed descriptions and specifications available on our website and TikTok account to guide your choice. Our customer service team is always ready to ans your questions and assist you in finding the perfect model for your home.

Certainly! Here are four FAQs for your blog on Haier automatic washing machines:

  1. What types of Haier automatic washing machines are available at Electroluxpk.com?
    At Electroluxpk.com, we offer a wide range of Haier automatic washing machines, including top-loading and front-loading models, with various capacities and features to suit household needs. From basic models for smaller households to advanced machines with steam wash and inverter technology for larger families, you can find the perfect fit for your laundry routine.
  2. How do I choose the right size Haier washing machine for my home?
    Consider the number of people in your household and your typical laundry load. A smaller capacity (6-7 kg) is sufficient for individuals or couples, while larger families require a machine with a capacity of 8 kg-15kg . Measure your available space to ensure the machine fits comfortably, and remember to account for loading and unloading space.
  3. Are Haier washing machines energy and water-efficient?
    Yes, Haier washing machines are designed with efficiency in mind. Many models, such as inverter technology, have energy-saving features and are rated for their water and energy consumption. To understand its efficiency, look for each model’s Energy Star rating and specific water consumption specifications.
  4. What after-sales services does Electroluxpk.com provide for Haier washing machines?
    Electroluxpk.com is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase. We offer comprehensive after-sales services for Haier washing machines, including installation guidance, maintenance tips, and repair services. Our CS team is always on hand to assist with any Questions or issues you may face, providing a best and hassle-free experience.


Choosing the suitable washing machine based on family size balances needs, space, and budget. With Haier’s range of automatic washing machines, you can find a dependable, efficient, and feature-rich model that fits your lifestyle. Visit us at Electroluxpk.com and revolutionize your laundry experience today! Your perfect Haier washing machine awaits.


Easy Tips for Washing, Drying

Easy Tips for Washing, Drying, and Caring for Polyester Pillows

Easy Tips for Washing, Drying

You wash your pillows regularly, but what about your polyester pillows? They are often overlooked, but they need to be deep cleaned to remove dead skin, sweat, oil, and saliva buildup that can attract dust mites.

Polyester pillows are hypoallergenic, have breathable fabrics, and their fillings are mildew resistant. Here are guides and tips for effectively washing your polyester pillows in the washing machine and drying them properly.

How to wash polyester pillows in the washing machine

  1. Check for tears.
    Your pillow is machine washable so the stuffing can come from any tear. If you also notice small ones, especially along the seams, fix them quickly. Remember to cut and remove loose threads as well.
  2. Check the care label.
    The majority of polyester pillows are strong enough to be washed in a machine. However, some still need to wash their hands. If the tag is out of print, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Spot treat
    Pre-treat the stain using a stain remover or liquid detergent before putting your pillow in the washing machine. Blot with a cloth, do not rub, as rubbing pushes the stain further into the fibers. This method is used as a quick cleanup of new stains.
  4. Select settings and load detergent.
    Your pillows need extra care because they are prone to wear and tear. Choose a gentle cycle, using cold or warm water, and a small amount of mild soap, about a teaspoon.

If you have a top-load washing machine with a central agitator, set the timer for just a few minutes.
Make certain you understand how to operate your washing machine correctly and select the appropriate cycle.

  1. Load the pillows.
    For front-load washing machines
    You can wash one to two pillows in one cycle of a front-load washing machine. Add clean towels to balance the load and allow water and soap to distribute efficiently.
    For top-load washing machines
    High-efficiency top-load washers can handle one to two pillows at once, just like front-loaders. Add some towels to balance the load.

For standard top-load washing machines with central agitator, be gentle. It is important to wash two pillows together with some towels to ensure the load is balanced. Place them vertically inside the drum.

  1. Run an additional rinse cycle.
    This removes all soap residue.
    How to dry polyester pillows in the Electroluxpk dryer
  2. Remove excess water.
    Wrap your pillow in a towel and gently squeeze it to inflate. Don’t fumble to avoid spoiling it.
  3. Check the care label.

Still, it’s best to read the tag first to see if this dryer is safe to use. Check out our guidelines for clothes you can safely put in the dryer.

  1. Dry
    Set the dryer on low or medium heat and let dry for an hour. This gentle yet effective approach ensures that your pillows receive the extra care they need without compromising results. If moisture builds up within the polyester filling, mold can develop.

Check out more tips on how to dry different bedding items in your dryer.

  1. Add a buffer.
    Toss in a couple of fresh tennis balls or dryer balls to keep the filling from clumping together. The bounce of the balls also keeps the cushions shiny. Throw in some towels to speed up the process.
  2. Re-inflating
    Turn off the dryer every 15 minutes to fluff the pillows by hand.

Drying tips:

After using the Haier dryer, air them out so you can be sure there is no moisture left in the filling.
Air drying alone can also be an option as polyester pillows dry faster than other materials. Schedule your deep clear day when it is sunny and breezy.
It is best to use special pillow hangers to avoid damaging your pillows, rather than clothes pegs. You can also place them on a clean surface.

Summer Laundry Tips

Summer Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

When summer comes, parties, travel, and outdoor activities make it difficult to take care of your favorite items. Although more difficult to maintain, summer materials such as cotton, linen, and silk are aesthetically pleasing. This post provides 6 helpful summer laundry tips to protect your delicates.

Observe the label.

To preserve the longevity of your summer clothing, it’s crucial to wash it according to the instructions on the care label. Listed below are some instructions for washing various sorts of clothing.

Summer Laundry Tips

Cotton – Any kind of detergent can be used to wash this sturdy textile in the washing machine. When washing, use warm water, and dry on low heat.If necessary, iron cotton items at the highest heat setting.
Linen – Since linen softens with each wash, it is advised to hand-wash it in cold water with light soap or to use a moderate machine cycle. It can be dried on a low setting, but it should be removed when only moist to prevent excessive wrinkling.

Polyester – Polyester fabrics should be washed in warm water with fabric softener to avoid static cling. To prevent fabric damage, tumble dry your laundry at a low temperature.

  1. Maintain your swimsuit.

People like to swim at beaches or in swimming pools during the summer. After swimming, it’s critical to preserve the quality of your swimwear. Always hand wash your swimwear before putting it in the washing machine to prevent sand from getting into the machine. Use the washing machine and set the temperature to 30 degrees after hand washing. Your swimwear will look fresh and soft after the cycle is finished.

  1. Prepare your apparel.
    On your summer clothes, grass stains, barbecue sauce, and other stains can leave unsightly stains.
    Rather than worrying about the problem, it is recommended to act quickly, using water or soda to prevent the stain from settling on the fabric. It is important to wash the fabric as soon as possible after removing the stain.
  2. Use laundry mesh bags
    Even if your washing cycle is light, consider using a laundry mesh bag to keep your clothes in top condition. These bags provide protection against damage that may occur during washing. To avoid the hassle of tearing, snagging, or tangling, simply put your clothes in a mesh bag before putting them in the washing machine.
  3. Waiting Time
    Your summer garments may shrink over time if you wash them at high temperatures since the fibres will be damaged. To prevent this, don’t wash your garments in hot water; instead, put more emphasis on preparation. While it may seem outdated, pre-washing collars and cuffs can be effective in maintaining the condition of your garment.In our post, we provide additional advice on how to use a washing machine.
  4. Do not overwash.
    Washing our clothes too much can cause fading, shrinkage, and damage to the fabric. It also increases energy consumption, wastes time and money, and contributes to environmental damage. In order to prolong the life of our clothes and reduce our impact on the environment, we should wash them only when necessary and follow the care instructions on the label.

Haier fully automatic washing machines provide the convenience of adjusting the cycle temperature according to the type of fabric, whether cotton, delicate, white, or colored. You can choose from six temperature settings to ensure your clothes are washed with proper care. This not only helps prolong the life of your garments but also promotes sustainable practices, which are an excellent way to create fashion. expression. By choosing our washing machines, you can take care of both your clothes and our planet. Discover the Electrolux washing machine range today!

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