Easy Tips for Washing, Drying, and Caring for Polyester Pillows

Easy Tips for Washing, Drying
Easy Tips for Washing, Drying

You wash your pillows regularly, but what about your polyester pillows? They are often overlooked, but they need to be deep cleaned to remove dead skin, sweat, oil, and saliva buildup that can attract dust mites.

Polyester pillows are hypoallergenic, have breathable fabrics, and their fillings are mildew resistant. Here are guides and tips for effectively washing your polyester pillows in the washing machine and drying them properly.

How to wash polyester pillows in the washing machine

  1. Check for tears.
    Your pillow is machine washable so the stuffing can come from any tear. If you also notice small ones, especially along the seams, fix them quickly. Remember to cut and remove loose threads as well.
  2. Check the care label.
    The majority of polyester pillows are strong enough to be washed in a machine. However, some still need to wash their hands. If the tag is out of print, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Spot treat
    Pre-treat the stain using a stain remover or liquid detergent before putting your pillow in the washing machine. Blot with a cloth, do not rub, as rubbing pushes the stain further into the fibers. This method is used as a quick cleanup of new stains.
  4. Select settings and load detergent.
    Your pillows need extra care because they are prone to wear and tear. Choose a gentle cycle, using cold or warm water, and a small amount of mild soap, about a teaspoon.

If you have a top-load washing machine with a central agitator, set the timer for just a few minutes.
Make certain you understand how to operate your washing machine correctly and select the appropriate cycle.

  1. Load the pillows.
    For front-load washing machines
    You can wash one to two pillows in one cycle of a front-load washing machine. Add clean towels to balance the load and allow water and soap to distribute efficiently.
    For top-load washing machines
    High-efficiency top-load washers can handle one to two pillows at once, just like front-loaders. Add some towels to balance the load.

For standard top-load washing machines with central agitator, be gentle. It is important to wash two pillows together with some towels to ensure the load is balanced. Place them vertically inside the drum.

  1. Run an additional rinse cycle.
    This removes all soap residue.
    How to dry polyester pillows in the Electroluxpk dryer
  2. Remove excess water.
    Wrap your pillow in a towel and gently squeeze it to inflate. Don’t fumble to avoid spoiling it.
  3. Check the care label.

Still, it’s best to read the tag first to see if this dryer is safe to use. Check out our guidelines for clothes you can safely put in the dryer.

  1. Dry
    Set the dryer on low or medium heat and let dry for an hour. This gentle yet effective approach ensures that your pillows receive the extra care they need without compromising results. If moisture builds up within the polyester filling, mold can develop.

Check out more tips on how to dry different bedding items in your dryer.

  1. Add a buffer.
    Toss in a couple of fresh tennis balls or dryer balls to keep the filling from clumping together. The bounce of the balls also keeps the cushions shiny. Throw in some towels to speed up the process.
  2. Re-inflating
    Turn off the dryer every 15 minutes to fluff the pillows by hand.

Drying tips:

After using the Haier dryer, air them out so you can be sure there is no moisture left in the filling.
Air drying alone can also be an option as polyester pillows dry faster than other materials. Schedule your deep clear day when it is sunny and breezy.
It is best to use special pillow hangers to avoid damaging your pillows, rather than clothes pegs. You can also place them on a clean surface.

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