Efficient Cooling with Haier 12 HFP Pearl Inverter AC: Turbo cool, Self Cleaning, and Energy-Saving Comfort Solution.


As summer paints the sky with sunshine, memories bloom in family homes. Picnics in the park, backyard barbeques, movie nights huddled together – these moments deserve a cool and comfortable backdrop with Haier 12 HFP Pearl Inverter AC. But scorching days can quickly turn joyous gatherings into sweltering struggles. Enter the Haier HSU-12HFP/WUSDC (B) Pearl Inverter AC, your family’s champion against the heat, ready to transform your living space into a haven of refreshing comfort.

•Product Cost:
The price of Haier HSU-12HFP/WUSDC (B) Pearl Inverter AC is

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This product is available at the website Electrolux.pk


  • Smart Inverter Plus
  • 4 Way Air Flow 4 Way Airflow
  • UPS Enable UPS Enable
  • Turbo cool
  • Self Cleaning
  • Strong Airflow
  • Exquisite Dust Filter
  • UPS enabled with device
  • Sleep Mode
  • Powerful Cooling & Heating
  • Easy Operation of Controller
  • Silver Body Colour
  • Super Quiet
  • Anti – Corrosion
  • R32 Refrigerant
  • Voltage 150-260v
  • Running Current (A) 2.6-6.6
  • Concealed LED
  • Bigger Indoor
  • Unleashing the Pearl of Coolness: This is not just an AC; it’s a masterpiece of cooling technology powered by the Pearl Inverter. Imagine saying goodbye to the jolting on-off cycles of the past. The Pearl Inverter operates with a smooth, continuous flow of cool air, delivering:
  • Consistent Comfort: No more battling unexpected chills or hot bursts. The Pearl Inverter precisely regulates temperature, maintaining your desired cool throughout the room, room to room. Family movie nights are no longer interrupted by temperature fluctuations, ensuring everyone stays comfortable from the first scene to the credits roll.
  • Whispering Quiet Operation: Say farewell to the disruptive hum of traditional ACs. The Pearl Inverter operates at remarkably low noise levels, ensuring peaceful relaxation, uninterrupted sleep, and undisturbed conversations. Your family can enjoy the cool air without any unwanted noise, making every moment more enjoyable.
  • Energy Efficiency at its Finest: This is where the Pearl Inverter truly shines. By eliminating wasteful on-off cycles, it consumes significantly less energy compared to conventional ACs. This translates to lower electricity bills, putting more money back in your family’s budget for summer fun trips, backyard barbecues, or those extra scoops of ice cream.

Family Focused Features for an

  • Enhanced Cool Haven:Beyond simply cooling, the HSU-12HFP/WUSDC (B) boasts features that cater to the specific needs of families:
  • Turbo Cool:Need a quick blast of icy air on a scorching day? This function kicks in to bring your room to your desired temperature even faster, perfect for those moments when the heat feels unbearable. Imagine your kids bursting in from a sun-drenched playground, greeted by a wave of instant cool in the living room.
  • Self-Cleaning Technology:No one enjoys cleaning an AC unit, but with this model, you can forget the hassle. The innovative self-cleaning technology freezes and removes accumulated dust and bacteria from the evaporator, ensuring cleaner air, improved performance, and all without manual intervention. Less cleaning means more time for family fun and activities
  • Child Lock:Worried about little hands tinkering with the settings? The Child Lock feature provides peace of mind, keeping your AC settings safe from accidental adjustments. Now, you can relax knowing your cool haven remains undisturbed, even with the most curious explorers around.
  • Investing in Long-lasting Comfort andPeace of Mind: Investing in an AC is a long-term decision, and the HSU-12HFP/WUSDC (B) offers the reliability and durability you expect from Haier. It boasts a robust build quality and exceptional components, backed by a comprehensive warranty package that includes:
    10-Year Compressor Warranty: Rest assured knowing the heart of your AC is protected for a decade. Your family’s cool comfort is in good hands for years to come.
    3-Year PCB Warranty:The printed circuit board, the brain of the AC, is also covered for three years, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance.
    1-Year Parts Warranty:Enjoy worry-free operation with additional parts covered for added peace of mind.

Beyond Cool Air:

  • Embracing a Cooler Future: Choosing the HSU-12HFP/WUSDC (B) is more than just a decision about comfort; it’s a statement about responsibility. Its energy efficiency contributes to a greener future, reducing your carbon footprint and helping in the fight against climate change. This makes it a choice your family can feel good about, not just in the moment but for generations to come.
  • Embrace the Cool, Embrace the Comfort, Embrace the Future:

This summer, don’t settle for an AC that simply cools. Choose the Haier 12 HFP Pearl Inverter AC and witness a transformation. Witness consistent comfort, whisper-quiet operation, energy efficiency, and family-focused features that come together to create a cool haven where memories bloom. Make this summer one your family will cherish, filled with laughter, joy, and cool comfort powered by the Pearl Inverter.

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