Electrolux Vita 1 ton Inverter AC: Golden Fins, Turbo Cooling, Wide Voltage Range, available at Electrolux Pakistan

Turbo Heat & Cool
LVS + LVR Compressor (145 Volts)
4D Airflow
Energy-efficient Eco Mode
Intelligent Sensing Auto mode
Low Noise
Robust PCB
Hydrophilic Evaporator & Condenser

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Here is the description of Electrolux Vita 1 ton Inverter AC

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness Assurance:
    Breathe pure, safe air for your well-being with the Electrolux Vita Inverter AC.
  • Efficient energy use:
    Optimal cooling with a focus on sustainability.
  • Robust and Effective Cooling:
    Consistent comfort, even during voltage fluctuations.
  • Quick Cooling with Compressor Drive Optimization:
    Beat the heat with rapid 30-second cooling.
  • Pilot Auto Energy Savings (Up to 80%):
    Significant energy savings for a budget-friendly experience.
  • All-Weather Adaptability with J Gold Fin:
    Anti-rust coating ensures durability year-round.
  • Quiet Operation in Any Climate:
    Minimize disturbance for peace of mind.
  • 4D Air Throw for Efficient Cooling:
    Swift and efficient cooling is in every corner.
  • Rust-Free Operation Year-Round:
    Gold-fin evaporator and condenser for longevity.
  • Smart Connectivity for a Cutting-Edge Experience:
    Wi-Fi, AI display, and voice control for seamless advanced operation.


  • Type: HEAT & COOL 1 ton
  • cooling capacity Btu/h: 12000(3410~12450)
  • Heating capacity Btu/h: 12000(3410~12285)
  • ER for cooling: W/W 3.02
  • Power supply: 220-240V~/50Hz/1P
  • Power supply: 220-240V~/50Hz/1P
  • Voltage Range: V187-265
  • Current Cooling A: 5.4(1.4~6.3)
  • Power input: CoolingW1165(310~1385)
  • Refrigerant: kgR410A/0.63kg
  • Air Flow Rate: m3/hr 530
  • Suitable Room area: m2 15-23
  • Net dimensions: (W x D x H)
  • Indoor mm: 777×250×201
  • Outdoor mm: 777×290×498
  • Net weight: Indoor kg8
  • Outdoor: kg22


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