PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Dispenser

Features a flat glass door design
Dispenses hot and cold water
Stylish and modern
Suitable for home or office settings
Compact and functional

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Welcome to Electrolux PK, your premier destination for top-quality home appliances. Our mission is to bring you innovative, reliable, and stylish products that enhance your everyday living experience. Today, we are excited to introduce the PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Dispenser, a perfect blend of functionality and modern design. This state-of-the-art dispenser is engineered to meet all your hydration needs while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen or office space.

Key Features

Sleek Flat Glassdoor Design:

The PEL 425 features a contemporary flat glassdoor design that seamlessly integrates with any modern decor, providing a sophisticated and polished look.

High-Capacity Water Tank:

Equipped with a large-capacity water tank, this dispenser ensures a continuous supply of fresh water, reducing the need for frequent refills and making it ideal for both home and office use.

Hot, Cold, and Room Temperature Options:

Enjoy the convenience of having hot, cold, and room temperature water at your fingertips. Whether you need a hot cup of tea or a refreshing cold drink, the PEL 425 has you covered.

Energy-Efficient Cooling System:

The advanced energy-efficient cooling system helps to keep your energy bills low while delivering consistently chilled water. It’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Child Safety Lock:

Safety is paramount. The PEL 425 is equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water tap, ensuring peace of mind for families with young children.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel:

The intuitive control panel makes it easy to switch between different water temperatures and adjust settings according to your preferences. The LED indicators provide clear feedback for each function.

Durable and Hygienic Construction:

Constructed with high-quality materials, the PEL 425 is built to last. The glassdoor is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic water dispensing experience.

Compact and Space-Saving Design:

Despite its robust features, the PEL 425 boasts a compact design that fits perfectly in tight spaces. It’s an excellent choice for kitchens, offices, and any area where space is at a premium.

Experience the perfect combination of style, convenience, and efficiency with the PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Dispenser from Electrolux PK. Make hydration a pleasure with this exceptional appliance that caters to all your water dispensing needs.


Gray, Black, Golden, Green, Red, Silver

  • Flat Glass Door
  • Net Weight: 19 kg
  • Gross Weight: (Kg) 21 kg
  • Dimensions :(WxDxH) 310 x 320 x 1070 mm
  • Voltage / Frequency 220: / 50 (Volts/Hz)
  • Cooling Current: 0.6 Amperes
  • Heating Current: 2.2 Amperes
  • Cooling Power: 100 Watt
  • Heating Power: 500 Watt
  • Cold Tank Capacity: 3.7 Liters
  • Hot Tank Capacity: 1.2 Liters
  • Refrigerant (R134a): 40 Grams
  • Refrigerator Volume: 18 Liters


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